lynx public outreach materials

The “Engines” Social Media Avatar

The “Engines” Desktop Wallpaper

These backdrops are from a stunning suite of simulations by Dr. Evan Schneider (Hubble Fellow, Princeton University).

The "Launch" Social Media Avatar/Sticker

The "Launch" Desktop Wallpaper

"Legacy" Campaign Posters

These are designed to be printed at "movie poster size", i.e. 27" x 41".

High resolution (.png)
Full resolution for printing (.pdf)

High resolution (.png)
Full resolution for printing (.pdf)

"Void" Campaign Teaser Materials

"Horizons" Campaign Teaser Materials

Lynx Wordmarks & Logos

 The official Lynx  Logo

The official Lynx Logo

 The official Lynx  Wordmarks

The official Lynx Wordmarks

Powerpoint & Keynote Templates

Coming Soon.